Pavilion Energy

Pavilion Energy is committed to high standards of corporate governance and has established a governance framework which guides and protects our business interests and operations.

Accountability & Responsibility

Our Board provides overall guidance and strategic direction to the Management. With support from the Audit Committee and the Risk Management Committee, the Board carries out its responsibility to oversee the systems of internal control and risk management. The Board also ensures that the Management is accountable for good governance culture throughout the organisation.

Internal Control System & Risk Management

Pavilion Energy's internal control system serves to ensure our assets are safeguarded and that risk management control measures and procedures are adequate and effective.

Compliance & Transparency

Pavilion Energy is fully committed to conducting business with integrity and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We value our reputation and are committed to upholding the highest possible ethical standards in all of our business activities.

To ensure that our employees comply with policies such as Competition Law Compliance, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Conflict of Interest (including disclosure of interests), Pavilion Energy regularly provides training, communications and guidance. Our whistle-blowing framework also facilitates the reporting of misconduct in the organisation.

Checks & Balances

In addition to statutory audits, internal auditors are engaged to assess and improve the internal control systems of the company. We believe checks and balances are key to good corporate governance. Our group policies and procedures are based on best practices and principles that safeguard our business operations and reputation.