Pavilion Energy

Pavilion Energy is built on extensive industry expertise and a strong Singaporean heritage.

We are emerging as a key player in the global LNG market with our portfolio of strategic assets, trading capabilities and knowledgeable approach to risk management and largescale energy transactions.

The Chinese characters that form “Pavilion Energy” 蘭亭能源 (“lan ting neng yuan”), stems from the Confucian representation of the orchid. The orchid symbolises noble character and tenacity. As Pavilion Energy seeks to become a leading provider of competitive energy solutions in Singapore and across Asia, the company will be guided by high principles and morals.

Pavilion Energy
November 2013

Announced first major investment of 20% interest in the Tanzania Blocks for US$1.288 billion.

December 2013

Pavilion Gas received the Gas Shipper and Gas Retailer Licences, which enable it to transport and retail gas to customers in Singapore.

May 2014

Announced BW-Pavilion LNG joint venture to acquire, manage and charter maritime LNG assets, including LNG carriers.

September 2014

Signed SPA with BP Singapore for 0.4 MTPA LNG from BP Singapore's Freeport LNG and global portfolio, for 20 years starting 2019.

June 2014

Announced deal with Total Gas & Power Asia from Total S.A.'s global portfolio, for 10 years starting 2018.

October 2015

Signed MOU with JERA for collaboration in joint LNG procurement and investment.

January 2016

PGPL and Trafigura performed the first SLInG LNG swap, following the launch of the SGX FOB Singapore SLInG LNG derivatives.

October 2016

Pavilion Gas was appointed as one of the two LNG Importers to supply LNG into Singapore starting from 2017.

January 2016

Pavilion Gas was awarded the LNG Bunker Supplier Licence to supply LNG bunker to vessels in the Port of Singapore by 2017.

August 2017

Signed LNG agreement with SLNG Corporation for Storage & Reload services at the SLNG Terminal for 2 years.

September 2017

Announced option swap agreement with Uniper for access to Gate LNG Terminal and Grain LNG Terminal

April 2018

Pavilion Gas imported inaugural LNG cargo from Qatargas into Singapore for domestic use.