Pavilion Energy

The world’s energy sector is in the midst of a remarkable transformation, as societies increasingly face the interconnected challenges of rapid modernisation, climate change and sustainable development. Energy cuts across several fundamental issues central to the environment, security and development.

Pavilion Energy is committed to the ambition of LNG and natural gas as the fuels of choice for Asia and the world. We see natural gas as a transformational fuel and an enabler in the energy transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Underpinned by our assets and portfolio, we provide innovative energy solutions to position ourselves as a global champion for sustainable and reliable energy.


As the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, natural gas releases up to 50% less CO2 than coal when burned or used in power generation. With increasing focus by governments and communities alike to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, natural gas is set to be the preferred choice for a cleaner, more responsible future.


As security challenges continue to evolve, the role of gas in energy resilience has grown over the years. Natural gas is unlike renewables which are vulnerable to sudden dips in output subject to the forces of nature. The flexibility natural gas offers by being able to liquefy and ship across the globe offers increased reliability and security of supply.


In a world where one in five people live without access to electricity, innovative gas solutions – such as small-scale LNG, gas-to-power – present advantages in system efficiency and flexibility. The natural gas industry is working towards increasing the attractiveness and acceptance of natural gas, particularly in developing countries with limited access to energy. In time to come, these gas solutions will play a greater and more direct role in improving quality of lives.

Natural Gas: Fuel of Choice