Pavilion Energy

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our core values.

Our approach to sustainability is anchored by advocacy and action. Through public engagement and strategic partnerships, we champion LNG as the choice energy to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

We look forward to cultivating a next generation of leaders who will spearhead breakthrough technologies to transform the future of energy.

Pavilion Energy is also committed to driving sustainability in our operations. We have developed a set of pragmatic guidelines to assess our business interests and investments, striving to responsibly manage natural resources in ways that contributes holistically to the well-being of the region and the communities we serve.


Creating brighter futures for generations.

Through our work, Pavilion Energy lights up homes and businesses across Asia. Through our community partners, we bring light into our communities, in more ways than one.

We count it a privilege to share our resources: time, manpower and funds with others in the communities where we operate.

Pavilion Energy supports Singapore Children’s Society Sunbeam Place which provides loving and nurturing residential care programmes for at-risk children. As part of several initiatives, Pavilion Energy has partnered with Sunbeam Place to provide children under their care with healthy starts and a comfortable living space with sponsorship of wholesome breakfasts and furniture.