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Pavilion Gas Kick-starts LNG Imports into Singapore

8 April 2018

Singapore, 8 April 2018 – Pavilion Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy, yesterday received its inaugural LNG cargo under the Energy Market Authority (EMA) LNG Importer Licence. The LNG cargo, which was supplied by Qatargas under an LNG spot contract, arrived yesterday morning at the Singapore LNG terminal. The LNG from this Q-flex vessel will be regasified and delivered to Pavilion Gas’ downstream customers in the Singapore natural gas market.

"Pavilion Gas is delighted to commence LNG imports into Singapore. This is a significant milestone for the company and demonstrates the company’s readiness and commitment to supply to the domestic market. We would like to express our appreciation to our partners, suppliers and customers for their support over the years and we are pleased to share today’s milestone with them,” said Tan Sri Mohd Hassan Marican, Chairman of Pavilion Energy, “As we move forward, Pavilion Energy will work closely with our partners and customers to grow our business in Singapore, even as we continue to expand our regional and global initiatives."

Mr Frédéric Barnaud, Group CEO of Pavilion Energy said, “Pavilion Gas will reliably and competitively supply our customers in Singapore from a portfolio of LNG and piped natural gas from Qatar, Indonesia, the United States and international markets. Our unique blend of diversified supplies, operational excellence and commercial expertise enables us to be a trusted partner in Singapore and globally.”

On 23 October 2017, the EMA issued the LNG Importer Licence to Pavilion Gas. Pavilion Gas was appointed as one of the two LNG importers to supply LNG to Singapore. Under the licence, Pavilion Gas will have exclusivity to market LNG for three years or up to 1 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), whichever is earlier.

About Pavilion Energy

Pavilion Energy invests in key liquefied natural gas (LNG) businesses to support the growth of a sustainable future in the region. Pavilion Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Energy, is responsible for the marketing and distribution of natural gas in Singapore and the region, including small-scale LNG and LNG bunkering initiatives; and participates in LNG trading across the globe. In 2016, Pavilion Gas was appointed by the Singapore Energy Market Authority (EMA) as an LNG Importer for Singapore.

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